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A bit of background

John and I met in college more than 20 years ago. They called him Johnny O. And he was waaay more popular than me. This girl never thought she had a chance.

But I caught a break when on a hot day in July, Johnny O’s roommate asked me out (I accepted very reluctantly) and a couple hours into the evening my date’s truck broke down and we needed a ride. Johnny O to the rescue! I jumped into the front seat of his Passat and my date sat in the back. We chatted, and dare I say flirted, the whole way to my house.

Johnny O called me the next day to ask me out. Me? We went on a bike ride along the greenbelt by the river which must have been some kind of foreshadowing. 

My mom tells me that the night I came home after our first date, I told her, “I’m going to marry that guy.”

The cool thing is he asked me to marry him 3 weeks later. We married 2 months after that.

Now I know what you are thinking and I totally agree. Woah, that was fast! But when you know something is right, you know something is right.

We couldn’t wait until we were officially ‘John and Amanda,’ husband and wife.

We didn’t need time to think about it, apparently.

So that’s our sappy beginning. And I love it!

I love that we fell for each other so hard and so fast– that our connection is deeply rooted and feels beyond space and time. That we are true soul mates. I know, I know, more sappiness. But with all the difficulties, and there’s been PLENTY believe me, it’s that soul connection that keeps us together.

Who We Are


We currently live in a small, picturesque community called Eagle, Idaho. It’s super dreamy. Beautiful landscapes, wildlife, lots of rivers and ponds, bridges and trails. We love it.

With three kids, homeschooling, (or dare I call it un-schooling, shhh) a home-based business, soccer, Scouts, church youth activities, and a mini-van, we are somewhat stereotypical.

We blog about our lives. Which are pretty ordinary. I guess. Except they’re not. I guess. We’re not fitness gurus, vegetarians, bodybuilders, homesteaders, movie stars or anything like that, and we don’t do anything too exciting, but there are a few things that set us apart. I guess.

Believe me, we wish we were like everyone else we know. Rather, we wish everyone we knew was just like us! Ha ha. We’ve been able to do something most people wish they could do but either don’t know how, don’t see the need, or they decide it’s too hard, too expensive, or too unrealistic. For us, we’ve been able to do it. And we are doing it!

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