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Not long ago we were overweight, broke, and depressed.  Life was super-duper hard.  In almost every way imaginable.  But after a while we turned things around by turning our world Upside Down.  We broke out of The Box and started doing things in a new and different way.  Soon others took notice and started asking us for help.  They wanted to break out of The Box too but they didn’t really know how, believed it was too expensive, or decided it was too hard.  So not true!  We know for a fact that if we can do it, anyone can do it.  So we created this website and our newsletter to help our friends achieve wellness in a fun, natural, and unconventional way.   We are into adventures and traveling, eating healthy no matter where we go, using natural remedies and all kinds of woo-woo stuff, and loving people and our planet.  We have a bunch of crazies that have joined us too.  We love being part of the change we want to see in the world.  You’ll have to follow us to see if what we say is true…..if we really live out of a box, or if that’s just a figure of speech. ::wink::

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